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The development of extensible, scalable, bulletproof applications that deliver competitive advantage is PERI core competency. Custom development is focused on .NET and leverages Microsoft's application and server platform, as well as PERI own library of reusable software components. .NET development is part of Microsoft's overall vision to connect information, people, systems and devices. .NET development centers on the .NET Framework - a unified set of code libraries and a common language runtime. The .NET Framework provides the foundation for building and running all kinds of software including stand-alone applications, web-based applications, and web services used to facilitate integration of systems using platform-independent communication standards such as XML, SOAP, and HTTP.

PERI has extensive expertise with .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET) Application Development. Our .NET developers have designed and built complex business applications using ASP.NET with Microsoft Visual Studio.

.NET enables modern software applications to communicate through standard Internet protocols such as XML and SOAP, creating a channel through which internal and remote systems can easily interact. Multiple disparate applications can be seamlessly integrated, allowing businesses to quickly meet their unique business needs through specialized yet economical solutions.

XML Web services are the fundamental building blocks in the move to distributed computing on the Internet. Open standards and the focus on communication and collaboration among people and applications have created an environment where XML Web services are becoming the platform for application integration. Applications are constructed using multiple XML Web services from various sources that work together regardless of where they reside or how they were implemented.

The value of .NET lies in interoperability and the seamless connectivity of multiple systems and sources of data. Coupled with anytime, anywhere connectivity and system-to-user interconnection, .NET connected software helps businesses deliver unprecedented levels of value to customers, partners and employees.

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