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Application that is developed for use on a particular device or platform is called a native application. As they are written for a specific platform, they have an edge over others. They can take the benefit of, as well as interact with operating system features and other software installed on that platform. As a native app is built for a particular operating system and device, it has the capability to use device-specific software and hardware, which means that they have the advantage of current technologies available on mobile devices. These technologies include camera and GPS (global positioning system). This can be interpreted as an advantage for native apps over mobile cloud apps or Web apps.

The term “native app” is mostly mentioned in the background of mobile computing as mobile applications have generally been written for a specific device platform. A native app is directly installed on a mobile device and a separate app version is created by developers for each mobile device. It may be stored out of the box or may be downloaded from private or public app store and installed on the device. The native app associated data is also stored on the device, even though data can be remotely stored and obtained by the native app. Internet connectivity may not be needed, depending on the type of native app.

Windows phone is gradually gaining traction among users as well as hardware manufacturers. The operating system has undergone an abundance of updates with progressively mature functionality. This means that there are ample number of users on this platform. These users will also require apps and if you are able to move in early, you will have a crucial advantage.

As Windows mobile app development is quite similar to Windows desktop app development, you would want to choose a developer who:

  • Has experience creating applications for Windows.
  • Has mobile app development experience.
  • Has enough experience of working with Microsoft Technologies.

The third party developer should be aware of how the app markets work and should have enough means to manage the app, as the platform regularly gets updated.


SUSPRO International Ltd offers Windows Phone 7 and 8 development, applying the Silverlight framework. There are approximately 1,00,000+ applications in the Windows phone marketplace and increasing number of users are choosing Windows phone devices from makers like HTC and Nokia.


The newly launched Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platforms provide a rare opportunity to aim billions of devices running on these platforms. The new Windows Phone 8 of Microsoft utilizes a common run-time between the new Windows 8 and Windows Phone. This allows Windows 7 and 8 apps to work on Windows devices as well. SUSPRO International Ltd develops Windows 7 and 8 applications, which can be used for enterprises along with being published into Microsoft's app store for customers to access. We have a long experience of Mobile Application development on various mobile platforms. We are capable of developing different kinds of sophisticated Windows Mobile solutions based on particular business needs, with the help of advanced technologies. We can build Windows Phone 7 and 8 – custom business applications, to maximize productivity and improve efficiency, which will also save on time and money.


  • Development of custom Windows phone 7 and 8 applications
  • Windows phone 7 and 8 consulting and strategy
  • Integrating social media like Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live
  • Games development
  • Integrating Windows 7 and 8 apps with cross platform support and data connectivity
  • Developing cross platform web apps
  • Maintenance and software support of Windows Phone 7 and 8
  • Developing productivity, business and media apps
  • Migration and application porting
  • M-Commerce integration

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